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Japan’s Tatsuno city emerging as country’s leather hub


Tokyo [Japan]: Japan's Tatsuno city in Hyogo Prefecture is the largest producer of leather in the country. The city also hosts an annual leather festival every year.

"We hold the Tatsuno Leather Festival every November. It is a large local event attended by about 30,000 residents out of 70,000 residents of Tatsuno City visit. The fundamentals of the festival are industry, education and municipal administration. The most important is the value of education, while industry and political administration are secondary." Mikio Nakashima, Executive Committee Chairman, Tatsuno City Leather Festival, said.

The leather industry in Tatsuno has flourished within as it received a rich and natural environment. Since the foundation of Nakashima Leather Company, 62 years have been passed following the traditional making of leather. The company has maintained a consistent production right from the raw materials like hides to ultimate finished products.

Nakashima further added, “Ako city has an ideal climate, clean water, and the best location that produces fine salt. For leather production salt is the most important ingredient. Owing to this endowed and natural environment the leather industry developed very well. The history of Tatsuno’s leather industry is 1,000 years old according to the historical accounts. Earlier the leather was used to create armor for samurais, as time passed it led to the development of leather being used to produce clothes such as leather jackets, then bags, shoes, belts from about 50 years ago. About 70 percent of total leather production in Japan is done alone in Tatsuno city. Its products have been exhibited in Milan and fashion shows like Fashion Week of Paris."

The leather goods market from Tatsuno city has not only spread to other cities in Japan but also to many other cities of the world. An Increasing number of visitors from overseas are being witnessed by Japan. As many of the tourists are interested on buying Japanese products, various industries and retailers are making efforts to benefit from this business opportunity being available to them.  


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