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nFlate adds Shop Instagram feature to SiBi app


nFlate, makers of the mobile apparel marketplace app See It Buy It (SiBi), has announced 'Shop Instagram', a new feature that enables users to shop for apparel based on visual attributes from the feeds of top Instagram fashionistas. SiBi is a fashion marketplace that uses computer vision technologies to improve shopper experiences by accelerating discovery.

Instagram has 700 million monthly active users including dozens of fashion trendsetters with millions of followers.

Before See It Buy It, there was no all-inclusive way to find and buy items similar to those found in top Instagram fashion feeds. With Shop Instagram, shoppers simply select from trending fashion posts and immediately get back similar item matches from the SiBi marketplace. Fashion influencers can even have their own curated product recommendations inside SiBi.

As part of the Instagram integration, top fashion posts are featured on a homescreen carousel. When users tap on a post that interests them, they immediately receive similar item matches that are available in the SiBi market. Once a shopper finds a product they want to buy, checkout is completed from within the app.

See It Buy It has integrated with Shopify, the $8 billion e-commerce platform, to offer apparel products from the company's 400,000 plus merchants.

"Combining Instagram, Shopify's massive merchant base and our AI-based apparel marketplace is the recipe users of the popular photo sharing app have been looking for. When you look at the comments in trending fashion posts, you will usually find 'I've got to have this' or 'love this, where can I get it.' The answer now is SiBi," said Joe Monastiero, CEO of nFlate.

See It Buy It users can also shop by taking photos, matching colors or by submitting web images to find items of interest. With SiBi, users can find and buy at the moment of inspiration, when they first decide they are interested in a particular product. Because SiBi is optimised for mobile use, this could occur at a party, at school, at a wedding, at the mall or even while standing at a bus stop.

The company has also announced that it is re-branding the marketplace app as SiBi, which is available for iPhone and Android. (KD)

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