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Nike Unveils New Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes


Recently Nike revealed its latest invention in the running shoes category, a new technology which comes with a promise to ‘do it all’ for the elite and also everyday runners.

The range of shoes are known as ‘The Nike Epic React Flyknit ($150) that comes with a simple  and knitted upper on top of the shoes containing single block of thick foam. At first look, the white layer would seem like an upgraded version of brand’s Lunar technology, but the foam used here is different. It’s the “lightest, softest, smoothest and most responsive foam that we’ve created for runners to date,” says Brett Holts, vice president of Nike running footwear.

The proprietary foam is known as Dubbed Nike React which is made from synthetic rubber and was created through 400 different combinations of various chemicals and product engineering that have been tested for 17,000 miles of running. The company aims to builds a shoe that can really do all when it comes to running which means: lightweight, durability, cushioning and energy return.

 “We want it to feel like the upper just disappears. No distractions on the top of the foot, which helps amplify the cushioning experience that much more,” he says. “[The foam is] giving you that really soft and compliant experience upon impact, but then immediately giving you that energy return,” says Holts. 

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