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Pakistani leather industry suffering loss due to illegal hides export


KARACHI:  Pakistani exporters are facing a tough time to fulfill export orders on time. Illegal smuggling of live animals and export of basic raw material for leather industry is creating such situation.

The Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) informed that the exporters fail to meet export orders deadline due to acute shortage of raw materials in Pakistan and recent increase in prices.

The members of PTA appealed to Additional Collector of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) to take preventive steps for curbing the on-going process of export of animal hides/skin through self-assessment automated web based system. They also asked to document the process of export manually to put an end to illegal export of basic raw material which the leather industry requires.

Agha Saiddain, an executive of PTA suggested the MCC could work along with Ministry of Commerce and Federal Board of Revenue at various junctions to arrest the exporters that are involved in this illegal   activity of exporting of wet blue hides to mainly Taiwan and other countries.

Saiddain informed the media that, the Wet Blue Spilt Leather that belonged to Pakistan Customs Tariff (PCT) code was being exported under false label of ‘Buffalo Side Split Leather of Cow double Butt Leather’.

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