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Rise in popularity of cruelty-free sustainable materials leads to all-time low for leather industry


As more people are turning towards animal-free leather alternatives, leather industry is experiencing an all-time low. Increasing number of shoppers are avoiding purchase of products made from leather and fur due to animal and environment welfare concern. “Younger consumers prefer sneakers and ethically made, environmentally-friendly vegan leather footwear to traditional leather dress shoes”, said Jocelyn Thorton, senior vice president of creative services at the retail and fashion advisory firm Doneger Group.

Many brands that were dependant on animal leather and fur for their products are now switching to animal-free alternatives from new materials. Famous luxury men’s fashion brand Hugo Boss launched ‘BOSS’ a vegan shoe line made from pineapple leather earlier this year. Some other types of plant-based materials that are experimented by the brands include- apple leather, mushroom leather, coconut water leather, etc.

Birkenstock, the popular shoe brand that received award for its vegan shoe range announced to introduce more designs of vegan leather sandals and shoes in the market. Other popular brands that are catering to the rising demand of vegan shoes are Native shies, Beyond Skin, Nicora and many more.

Apart from drop in demand for leather shoes, the apparel and car companies are also looking for means to use less leather.

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