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Swapna Barman to get customized shoes after her brilliant heptathlon win


Hailing from the rural location in the country and despite facing innumerable hurdles, the indomitable spirit of Swapna Burman flew sky high. The 21 years old girl clinched gold in the heptathlon event in the Asian Games. She is not like the other participants. Both her feet have 6 fingers. A normal shoe size is not comfortable for her due to her inflated sole. In fact, she suffered from a serious tooth ache during the event. Her focus and the zeal to become the best let her win the event with the topmost honor.

Listening to her story and watching her dedication, a government-aided enterprise located in Chennai has decided to provide her the customized gear for her next quests. Her father is a rickshaw puller and recently survived a stroke. Basana Devi, her other left her menial job in the tea-garden to look after Swapna’s father. They are absolutely in no condition to afford any kind of sports gear for her daughter.

Seeing this adverse condition, Sudhanshu Mani, General Manager, Integral Coach Factory and a patron of athletics, said “After she won the gold I saw on TV that she had a deformity in her feet. We are in touch with Nike. We are waiting for her to come back so that we can get her size and get the customized shoes made for her."

No one in her family can believe that the girl has crossed every hurdle and become a sensation overnight by winning the prestigious gold in the world-class event.

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