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Tata Steel dedicates a footwear upcycling centre to the community of Noamundi


Noamundi:  Tata Steel has been working with the commitment of ‘giving back to the community’. Taking this commitment ahead they inaugurated ‘Feet First – Noamundi Footwear Upcycling Centre ‘ at Noamundi.  Ms. Poonam Chaudhary was the chief guest at the occasion, she is spouse of Chanakya Chaudhary Vice President (Raw Materials), Tata Steel.

Feet First’ is a footwear upcycling centre, here people can donate their used or discarded footwear of all shapes and sizes and get them refurbished for sale at nominal price. This is a unique concept and a noble initiative undertaken by GreenSole and Lions Club of Noamundi. Tata Steel is providing its extending support for its ‘Best Out of Waste’ initiative at Noamundi.

Ms Chaudhary said, “A simple noble act can impact thousands of lives. ‘Feet First’ is a wonderful initiative by Tata Steel and GreenSole. This will not only create awareness on upcycling of discarded goods but will also make people of the community contribute towards a social cause.”

This centre is built over an area of 1500 square feet that has clicking machine, dyes, sole patting machine, grinding machine, heating machine and sewing machine that had costed about Rs. 28 lakhs. Approximately 1000 to 1500 footwear would be upcycled into slippers every month. In addition to this, the centre would also provide skill development training to the interested people. 

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