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The application of Applied DNA Technology in leather sciences


Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a provider of molecular technologies, has successfully completed the year -long consortium research project with UK-based BLC Leather Technology Centre Limited (BLC). The aim of the research project was to apply and recover DNA tags throughout the key processing stages involved to make leather products. The dispensation stages in the research project included the Apply DNA to animals on a farm and test for recovery when hides were delivered to the tannery; Apply DNA at the wet blue stage after initial tanning and test for recovery followed by leather splitting on both grain leather and drop splits and Apply DNA during the leather finishing process and test for DNA recovery.

The research project has been successful in every aspect as it has achieved all the objectives. The project was completed on time and yet again proved the technical viability of DNA marking along the leather supply chain using Signature DNA.

Tony Benson, Applied DNA’s managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said, “We were delighted for the opportunity to prove our technology in the most severe of environments and to work alongside our partners, BLC. We are especially thankful to the five global brands, one NGO, and 2 tanneries that helped to sponsor this research project and make it a success.”

James Hayward president and CEO of Applied DNA has been reported to say, “Success in this category is a testament to the adaptability of DNA, but more importantly, to the skills of our teams and the strength of our intellectual property. When properly formulated, DNA can survive most manufacturing processes and physicochemical environments.”

Victoria Addy, technical director of BLC said, “We are delighted at the results which exceeded everyone’s expectations. The potential for this technology to help the leather industry to ensure a fully traceable supply chain cannot be underestimated and we look forward to working with Applied DNA and sponsors in the coming months to see the technology being introduced.” 

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