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2018 Global Wind Energy Summit to be held on German soil


The first edition of the Global Wind Summit will be held in Hamburg, Germany from September 25- 28, 2018. The organizers of the four-day event are expecting speakers from about 100 countries from across the world, including India, China, the US, Spain and Denmark.

"A number of Indian companies would be participating in the global event. We are also in touch with the Indian government," Anja Holinsky, project director, Wind Energy Hamburg, Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH has been quoted to say. It is to be noted that the conference on wind is the largest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide.

The event plans to combine two conferences, the Wind Energy Hamburg and Wind Europe and both the events together will witness about 1,400 exhibitors and 250 speakers from all over the world. The event will provide a platform for experts from across the globe to discuss innovative and green technologies for harnessing wind energy making quotes S. Gnanasekharan, Secretary General, Indian Wind Power Association.

"The focus of the conferences would be on three major subjects. Dynamic markets, cost efficiency and smart energy. How to develop new markets, make product competitive in auctions and use wind power for all energy applications (will be discussed)," he said.      

"I am sure India has potential to meet the target in the given time. India is also a huge market for this sector. Today many companies are eyeing India," said Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global World Energy Council.

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