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A change in EU Law can make home solar units worthless


The majority of the European Governments have considered the small installations of solar panels in the home different from the generators so that the option becomes economically viable for the families. Due to the consideration, the price of the solar panels costs less than the power supplied by the grid.

In recent effects, these priorities from the government might vanish in time. if the small utilities and big generators are treated in the same way then the investment done by the household and other consumers will become worthless.

The EU decision to regulate energy prices will be amended from the year 2020. All the national governments will have to provide equal access to all the energy suppliers and special tariffs of feeding the grids will be forced to merge and become same.

Krišjānis Karins, the Center-Right Latvian Member of Parliament, is pushing against these exemptions. He says that the European market should become free of any kind of state intervention.

On the other hand, the Community Power Coalition, a body of renewable energy associations and environmental NGOs, said “Removing the threshold will discriminate against and overly burden consumers and new small energy communities from being able to develop renewables production. Equal treatment means that similar market participants should be treated the same, while market participants in sufficiently different positions or situations should, in certain situations, receive different treatment.”

The exemptions are what driving the fastest developing segment in the renewable source of energy. Eradicating such exemptions will make people start using the non-renewable source of energy fed from the grid.

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