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About 20K New Jobs Are Created With Dissemination of Danish Biogas Technology


Utilization of coffee grounds, manure, hay as well as many other organic products for the production of biogas is likely to help in the creation of about 20k new jobs along with the export of 16billion kroner i.e. 2.1 billion euros. It is expected that by the end of year 2035, export of the biogas technology will attain success and will also go beyond expectations with job creation. Presently, there are only 2000job opportunities hitched to this field.  This is the scenario that came into light after an analysis conducted by Damvad Analytics, a popular consulting agency which has carried out a thorough research on the industry.

In the words of Kristian Mork Puggard, the CEO OF Damvad, "Our analysis is based on knowledge of general expectations for export of energy technology and of the development in Denmark, where biogas makes up a constantly increasing portion of the gas in the pipeline network. We have based our evaluation of the export potential on various scenarios for what it might mean for Denmark if other countries undergo the same development and if Danish companies are able to maintain their market share”.

And there is definitely a sound reason to trust that something like this is going to happen. As per reports, the total quantum of biogas available in the pipeline networks running through countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark is expected to enjoy a rise from 11 Terawatt hours to 17 Terawatt hours by 2020. Denmark is looked upon as the international biogas leader enjoying a hike in the export ratio each day.

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