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Analysts Says The Solar Power Capacity Of Australia Is Likely To Get Twice The Present Rate In A Year


According to industry analysts, Australia’s solar energy generation capacity will become almost double its present rate in just a year with numerous rooftop solar panel installations along with the setting up of solar farms in large scale.  A massive boom in solar energy generation and supply is predicted for the year 2018after a wide array of industrial solar farms being approved by Queensland and New South Wales government in 2017.

Also the month of January witnessed rooftop installations in huge amount as per reports from SunWiz- industry analysts and RenewEconomy, a website dedicated to renewable energy. A grant amounting to $8.7million has been announced by South Australia for the purpose of pumping hydro storage. It witnessed a rise by 69% with installation of 111MW new panels with low cost of installation and huge commercial uptake. Equally, about 30 new commercial solar farms are coming up soon to meet the growing demand.

Last year, about 10 projects on solar farm were approved by NSW which is twice that of year 2016. Presently, Queensland has about 18 such solar power plants undergoing construction. In the words of the CEO of Smart Energy Council- John Grimes, these new firms will be able to carry on the operations within this year. He also added- “These solar farms can be built within a matter of weeks. “They’re really quick and simple.”

It is expected that together the old and the new project will be able to add around 2.5-3.5GW to national grid whereas another 1.3GW will be added by rooftop installations. And this is likely to double the solar energy generation capacity of the nation within a year.


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