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Another feather added to Arkansas Electric Cooperative Cooperation


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Cooperation (AECC) has added another feather to its much appreciated energy production by forging a deal with the Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. ( RES) Broomfield, Colorado which states that it has purchased 100 MW AC energy that would be produced by a solar firm spanning across 800 acres field near Crossett in the year 2021.

President and CEO of AECC, Duane Highley has been quoted to say that “The addition of the 100 MW of solar capacity produced by the Crossett Solar Energy Farm will provide AECC with additional reasonably priced power that is ultimately delivered to the more than 1.2 million electric cooperative members in Arkansas,” of AECC”. It is indeed remarkable to note that AECC's fuel generation portfolio now encompasses over 17 % of hydroelectric, solar and wind power resources.

The solar power generation project at Crossett would be constructed by the RES and would be a significant harbinger of positive changes in the energy scenario of the state of Arkansas as well as create major employment opportunities. The 100 MW solar electricity project would have 362, 000 solar panels and the construction would commence somewhere in early 2021.

According to the CEO of RES, Graham Reid, “We’re excited to work with Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation again, and we are pleased to help AECC bring solar energy to the cooperative members, we look forward to bringing economic benefits and jobs to the state of Arkansas and to a community that has supported us throughout the project development cycle.”

It must be noted here that the AECC provides power solutions to almost 500,000 homes, firms and business units in and around Arkansas.

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