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Bikramgarh Jheel gets floating solar power plant


In a highly innovative approach and initiative by the state Power department, in collaboration with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), Kolkata’s Bikramgarh Jheel located in the southern outskirts of the city, is ready to witness an installation of has a floating solar power plant on Bikramgarh Jheel. According to sources in the Power department, the plant would have a capacity of 300 KW and the power generated from the plant would be used for illuminating the Jheel during night. As per the initial plans, the solar power produced by the plant will be sold to CESC during daytime.

The survey and the following research of the area beside the Jheel has already been completed in order to chalk out the estimate. The state Power department will provide technical support to the civic body, to set up the solar plants at Bikramgarh Jheel situated in Golf Green area. According to a senior official of the Power department, the project would cover an area of around 1 acre, out of the total 7.3 acre that the lake covers. The procedure of echolocation would be adopted to measure the depth of the lake and bathymetry will be used for mapping the lake floor. According to the sources in KMC, apart from installing a solar plant on the Jheel, a beautification drive has also been commenced in and around it. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be around Rs 4 crore.

The installation of the floating panels is a part of the state government's initiative towards the development of solar plants in the state on a large scale and is a part of the project “Aloshree.” In many cases, the solar panels have already been set up on the roofs of various office buildings, schools and colleges. The state government has started giving a lot of emphasis on renewable energy. A great deal of work has already been done by the Power department to produce energy from solar power. The project also aims at installing a grid-connected solar system in government offices, which will prove advantageous in preserving the natural resources.

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