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Biogas Sector Saves Carbon Earning Nepal Around Rs 1 Billion A Year


Biogas plants have worked wonder in reducing dependency upon the use of liquefied petroleum and firewood. Today as many as 400,000 households throughout the country have installed biogas plants since its inception in the year 1975. In the words of NBPA o Nepal Biogas Promotion Association, each biogas plant possesses the capability of saving up to 3.3tonnes of firewood per year. This is equivalent to about 2 trees. Along with it, Nepal is also earning a sum of Rs 1 Billion per year in carbon trade and this is contributed primarily by the biogas sector itself.

Not known to many but as biogas plant helps in saving about 2 tonnes of carbon per year which means each biogas plant can earn a sum of $15 via carbon trading. Mr. Padam Dulal, the chairman of NBPA at the 23rd annual meeting of the organization stated that still it is possible to make a leap with the construction of another 600,000 plants throughout the country. He also said that this will help in cutting down the dependency and the total amount of fossil fuel imported by the country. Keeping this in concern, Nepal government is working hard to reduce the cost of constructing a biogas plant.

Dulal was also quoted saying that ‘As the authority of the renewable energy rests on the local government, we are in a state of confusion as to how the sector will move ahead in the new set-up’.

At present, more than 120 biogas firms are carrying out the process of constructing biogas plants along with AEPC or Alternative Energy Promotion Centre.


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