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California’s Solar Power Intensifies


The California Energy Commission had approved the new regulations, regarding the installation of solar panels on buildings like homes, on 9th of May. It states that most houses built after 2020 should include a solar panel. This will cause an increase in the number of solar panels in California, which had already reached a milestone of 1 million panels installed in 2016 and had further reached 1.6 million in 2017.

This regulation applies to one-family homes, low-rise condos, town homes and apartments. A final approval from the California’s Building Standards Commission will enable California to become a solar-energy intense state.

Presently only 9% of the homes with one-family have solar panels and only 15% - 20% of the those which are being built have solar panels. This regulation will have an impact to the housing market, due to the high cost of solar panels. It is predicted that this will rise the price of each new home by $10,000.

According to the California Energy Commission, this regulation will have a long-term cost benefit on the home owners. The cost of power which is saved will negate the high prices, and it is estimated that they will be able to save about $19000 over 3 decades. The benefit is believed to be worth the additional expenditure.

California presently leads in energy efficiency and clean energy proposals. Last year about 16% energy was solar.

U.S. has a strong solar viability, nearly 79%, which has led to other cities following in California’s footsteps. It is estimated that there will be 165,000 homes with solar panels by 2020.

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