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Denmark establishes itself as the World Leader for Wind Power


Denmark is the new world leader when it comes to using wind power for running its entire country’s economy. Its government now predicts confidently that any other country betting against the technology is on the wrong side of the history.

Meanwhile as U.S President Donald Trump tries to promote the coal founder, Denmark has successfully positioned itself as the world’s flag bearer for wind power. . Danish Energy Minister Lars Chr. Lilleholt says the arguments over for the renewable.

“The price of wind energy is moving in one direction only, and that’s a steep downward trajectory,” Lilleholt said in an interview in Copenhagen.

Last year Denmark crossed its own record and obtained 43.4 percent of its electricity from wind power. The government of Denmark now goals to derive 50% of the country’s entire energy demand from renewable by the year 2030. World’s biggest turbine maker ‘Vestas Wind Systems’ are based in Denmark. The company got more orders in 2017 than expected.

“Subsidy-free green energy in Denmark is right around the corner,” Lilleholt said.

Lilleholt also said that by making world economies more reliant on renewable energy sources would eventually curb electricity consumption.

“Electricity was once something we wanted to cut back on using,” he cited. “But now it’s about using it in the right way to maximize the usage of renewable power.” 

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