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Denmark is all set to excel in wind source of energy


Danish ministry of energy states that good number of turbines got connected to the respective grip from January 2017 to February 2018. The government expectation was met which wanted that at least 50% of the total Denmark’s energy consumption will be met by renewable sources of energy. This scheme based on wind turbines got expired on 21st February. Modern technology natural wind, solar tender took the place in 2018 and for 2019. This led to the rise of wind turbines.

Danish energy agency estimates the expansion that took place in the last fourteen months was over 250 megawatts. Total 537 megawatts was connected during this consecutive period. It is a quiet significant number as the current capacity is 5.5 gig watts as required by the Denmark in total. This remarkable expansion of wind energy secures the place of Denmark in the wind power industry. Total 537 megawatts of land based turbines resulted in an increase of expense which was about a total of 1.7 billion.

Old support scheme was however much more attractive for Danish wind turbine developers. Very soon by 2019, renewable sources like wind and solar power sources will provide the best and cleanest source of electricity. They will meet every demand related to energy. Very soon wind and solar will compete as wind resources are getting highly developed in Denmark and can compete well with solar power. Denmark will have 205 of solar power energy while 80% of wind energy.

Denmark will soon be recognized for the remarkable success in wind power industry. 

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