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Dubai is all set to build the largest solar park


Dubai is one step ahead in completing and achieves OMG the title of the largest solar park. It inaugurated 200 mega watt power facilities along with renowned partners like electricity de Franca SA and Abu Dhabi based renewable company Masdar.

Both third and updated phase of the Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum solar park will benefit Dubai by producing 10% of the total energy from the different renewable sources of energy by 2020. The gulf Arab city state operates the two phases of the project in emirates desert and broken ground on the fourth selection. Like the other neighbors, Dubai relies upon fossil fuels, naturally occurring gas to generate the electricity and its solar energy and other various renewables, so that the supply is diversified.

Dubai is ranked the second largest in the United Arab Emirates as a member of organization of petroleum exporting country. Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer of OPEC is stressing into renewables, as like Jordan and UAE emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Third phase will generate 800 mega watt electricity in total, after the completion by the year 2020, as remarked by Sayed  Mohammed ai gayer, chief executive of Dubai electricity and water authority. This 800 mega watt expansion is costing $900 million, where EDF and Masdar have arranged around $ 650 million. EDF is also interested in pursuing the renewable projects with the Masdar in Saudi Arabia, and other parts of gulf, as well as outside the foremost region. 

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