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Goa carry outs first bio-gas bus trial


PANAJI: The government made announcement that it would run the bio-gas bus on a pilot basis within a span of fortnight for three to six months, officials in the chief minister's office (CMO) released the statement. The bus, which is being claimed to be first Euro-VI complaint vehicle in the country, would start running on the streets of Goa after the gas dispensing unit for it is made ready.  

The officials said that they were waiting for all the clearances including Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) for setting up the bio-gas unit. They do not want to conduct the trial runs without a proper bio-gas unit.

The biogas bus was inaugurated on the Independence Day and it was brought in along with two other eco-friendly buses that would run on ethanol on a pilot basis. The state transport corporation, KTC, had signed a memorandum that states, they would understand the bus manufacturer, Scania, for three months. This eco-friendly bus project is being monitored by the CMO and is an effort to bring in buses at par with international standards on streets of Goa.


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