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Government might end paying for overspill solar energy to the small producers


The solar energy industry is currently witnessing a huge boom due to the mass acceptance from the commercial and domestic sphere. Witnessing such an impressive acceptance, the leaders in the industry sought the Department of Energy and Climate Change continuing paying the small producers in exchange for the excess energy produced by the small producers.

The overspill amount from the individual solar panel users is proposed to be sold at 5.24p every kWh. This incentive to the small producers will encourage others to opt for solar energy panels. The small producers are households, farmers, small businesses, etc. However, the government is planning to take away the overspill to reduce feed-in tariffs and scrap exports.

This step from the department is recognized as a threat by the Solar Trade Association (STA). Leonie Greene, Director of Advocacy, STA, said “It’s withdrawing a fair payment for a valuable commodity from small-scale solar power producers. There is a gross level of unfairness in what the government is mooting and it isn’t acceptable.” She added “It could be very damaging for public engagement in clean energy and climate change and will also set back the development of the smart power industry in the UK. It’s a massive own goal and indefensible set of policies.”

Only half of the energy is produced by the small scale producers is used by them. The rest is exported to different public networks. STA strongly believes and emphasizes the government to pay the small scale producers for a better image. This awareness and increase in acceptance will sum up to create a greener and better environment for the future generation.

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