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Govt shows strictness to wind power to preserve green


The Indian Government has planned for an ambitious 30,000MW offshore wind energy project. It has pledged to become a wind energy nation by the end of 2030 but not paying a heavy cost of flora and fauna destruction.

Creating green energy by destructing existing green is not the solution, says the Indian government. This is a major reason behind the cancellation of lease proposed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Resources (MNRE) while drafting Offshore Wind Energy Lease Rules 2019. The rules also include severe punishment to the defaulters.

As per the newly drafted rules, an offshore wind project might face the heat if it is discovered “causing environmental damage to both flora and fauna beneath the sea and posing threat to human life and property while carrying out the activities under water and operation of the wind energy turbines during the validity of the lease.”

The rules also dictate “If, in the opinion of the Central Government, operation of the wind turbines/wind turbines is causing damage to environment or damage to property, or pollution can thereby be prevented, the Central Government may order the Wind Farm to be shut down pending an enquiry under sub-rule (a), which enquiry shall be held within a reasonable period of the making of such order.”

The project developer will be allowed for the construction of buildings but not allowed to use natural resources such as the forest or minerals of the allotted area. Currently, the volume of installed capacity of power generation is 349,288.22 MW and the renewable accounts for only 21%.

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