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Greek island to adopt green wind and solar energy entirely


The time to shun fossil fuel-run electricity has come. The stepping stone has been paved in Greece. A Greek island, the first of its kind, will be run by a renewable source of energy entirely. Tilos, the Greek island will be the first green energy island in the Mediterranean Sea that has been adorned with the setup of wind turbines and solar panels.

The latest windmills are designed and brought on this island to set up the energy stations. All these turbines have the capacity to deliver 800 KW of power. The abundance of wind flowing through this island will power the turbines all over the year to provide ample energy to the residents.

It has a winter population of only 400 people. The same number swells and adds up to 3000 in the summer time. This is why the power generation falls short during the summer time. The high quality batteries powered by the wind turbines and solar panels in the energy park will supply ample amount of energy to Tilos.

The other small islands having very limited connection to the grids in the mainland will be much benefitted from the benevolent step taken by the European Union. It has funded € 11 million to start and finish the power generation and storage facilities in the Mediterranean islands. The project is also named as TILOS-Technology Innovation for the Local scale Optimum integration of battery energy Storage. This project will help the tourism of the island with a constant supply of power during the peak season.

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