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Hindustan Coca-Cola is all set to procure solar power for its three units


Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) took a brilliant step towards the future of renewable source of energy by taking the decision to use solar energy in its three factories residing in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The three factories of the beverage giant are in Srikalahasti, Vijayawada, and Ameenpur.

HCCB has already signed the agreement with the giant solar energy corporation, Vibrant Energy for the procurement of over 2.7 crore solar power generating units for the above-mentioned factories. Before taking this huge decision, HCCB ran a trial by introducing a pilot project from the house of Solar PPA. In this pilot project, 45 lakh solar power generating units were used to procure ample energy to run the processes in the factory. The same project will be continued with Solar PPA. HCCB has decided to take this step to a new level by introducing a mass solar energy generating unit for its three factories as the result was quite impressive.

As per the expectation of the team, the setup of 2.7 crore solar energy producing units will provide almost 75% of the power requirement of Ameenpur factory. The new establishment also aims to deliver 50% of the power requirement of the factory in Srikalahasti and Vijayawada.

The solar power generating unit has been inaugurated by Marvin Tien, Managing Director, Ahana Renewables, and Christina Ruggiero, CEO, HCCB. Ahana Renewables is the parent division of Vibrant Energy.

HCCB is one of the leading beverage producers in the subcontinent and one of the biggest FMCG manufacturers on the map. This company alone owns and runs 21 factories.



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