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India and France join hands to take the use of solar power to a new level


Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister and Emmanuel Macron, the French President, shared the chairmanship of the first conference of International Solar Alliance. The alliance was initiated at the Paris Climate Agreement conference held in 2015. The alliance agreed upon making the renewable sources of energy as the main source of energy and discarding the use of fuels. The conference was attended by the UN Secretary General, the chief ministers of 22 states of India, the Presidents of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and was held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Steps taken by India for Solar Power Development:

Through concessional financing, the Indian Prime Minister intends to make the technologies for the solar energy utilization inexpensive for the developing countries. The ISA aspires to produce 1000 GW of solar energy by 2030 and assemble savings of about $1 trillion for the rising nations. India aims to generate about 175 GW of energy by the year 2022 which is about twice the current renewable energy capacity.

For the proper utilization of solar energy, the availability of plans and ideas about the development of technology, storage methods, cheap machinery, monetary resources and mass produce is essential. Modi stated as the climatic conditions are changing it is best to make use of the excess sunlight for producing energy.

French aid to Solar Power Development:

Although some countries backed out from the Paris Climate Agreement it did not stop France and India from carrying out their aim to achieve an environment friendly means of obtaining energy. The French President alluded at the American President for backing out of the Paris Agreement.   The French President has donated USD 826 million for the implementation of solar power development in the emerging nations. Macron and Modi will also jointly inaugurate the solar plant in Mirzapur.

32 countries have approved the ISA and 61 countries have pledged for the inter-governmental body, of the 121 members. The renewable sources provide more sustainable, reliable and competent supplies of energy.

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