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India wins the solar power race


Electricity or power is the backbone of any economy. With the rapid industrialization of every corner of the world, electricity is being used as the running oil for every factory and even transportation. So, generation of electricity has been of prime importance for every country. In this race, India has played her cards excellently well by building the world’s largest solar park. This solar park was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka on the 1st of March, 2018.

Checklist about the park

  • The solar park is known as Shakti Sthala and is capable of generating 2000 MW solar electricity.
  • The most interesting feature of the solar park is that it has been built by the farmers of the state who has contributed the land for the project.
  • The solar park comprises a total land area of 13000 acres and is spread across 5 villages.
  • The total worth of the project is 16,500 crores.
  • Another surprising but very interesting aspect of the project is that the farmers were not thrown out of their lands or they were not made landless. Rather, they would get Rs 21,000 per acre as rental for the land given by them.
  • The tariff estimated per unit of consumption is also very reasonable. It is Rs 3.30 per unit.
  • The solar park is situated in the drought- prone area of Pavagada in Karnataka. The place has witnessed massive exodus of people in the last few years. But, this solar park has again lit the place as it is providing immense employment opportunities.

Planned and built in just 3 years, the project is a giant leap in the path of India’s power story.

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