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Israel sets goal to generate 17% of electricity from solar energy by 2030


JERUSALEM-  Israel sets goal to produce 10% of its electricity requirements from solar energy by the year 2020 and 17% by 2030, informed Electricity Authority of Israel.

According to the annual report released by the Electricity Authority, there has been a substantial increase in solar energy investment. Right now the country has 10,000 solar system installations that constitute 3% of the total electrical grid.

Government of Israel said that the cost of solar panel technologies have been reduced over the years. Germany and China are main suppliers of solar panels to Israel.

During the tenure of past two decades, Israel had discovered enormous gas reserve under Mediterranean sea water. Hence there has been on-going transformation of energy resources in the power stations of the country.

By 2004, just 9% of Israel’s electricity was produced by gas, which rose to 54% last year. Use of coal has declined from 78 to 45 percent. Owing to several environmental movements going on in the country, the government is pressurized to halt use of polluting energy sources and switch to cleaner energy options.

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