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Kosovo ready to shift to wind energy from being Coal-reliant and hit the EU market


KITKA, Kosovo:  On the heights of Kika mountain plateau, the workers are busy installing Kosovo’s first ever wind turbine, as the country takes its first step towards shifting its reliance on coal and finish the power outrages. Kosovo aims to generate about a quarter of its energy requirements from renewable energy resources by the year 2020. They wish to meet the standards of EU and join it. But to fulfill this goal, they need to lure in more investment in this area.

Total nine wind turbines of 110 metres located in Kosovo’s first wind farm will begin functioning in coming September and are expected to produce 3% of energy requirements of the country. These 32.4 megawatt wind farm are developed by Guris which is a Turkish company. "We will produce 110 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, (which) will cover more than 10,000 households," Tuncer Baltaci, the project manager.

Most of the Western Balkan countries plan to invest billions of Euros in few environement friendly plants to fulfill increasing demand of power. The old coal plants are mostly phased out and in 2017 Kosovo admitted to its biggest energy investment made in nearly span of three decades. 

"Kosovo is not on the right path to reach this (EU) target. We have more sun than Germany, so we are talking about a lack of priority rather than lack of renewable energy capacity,” said  Dardan Abazi of the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).


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