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Massive solar energy record gives Israel a place in the world map


Israel gains recognition by creating a record for producing 13.4% of total energy consumed by the whole country. It is a massive development for the country. Israel is using the best way which is the solar power to produce energy for the whole country.

Modern technologies, thinking and solar power policies and project have always helped Israel to stay close to renewable and safe sources of energy. They were always ahead with such a conservation aspect. The record was the result two things namely increased solar production and decreased consumption. These two factors helped Israel achieve this remarkable record.

March 17 was a perfect day which could capture enough sun. A cloudless day helped renewable power resources to produce the maximum energy. Sun being the best source, Israel uses the most out of it.

Israel is achieving a great place in the world map due to combination of nature and innovation at its best. Solar energy is the best method and the total energy can be taken from sun. Israel believes in 100% use of solar energy and expects to attain that soon.

New sources of energy projects are being initiated by places like Negev, Arava expecting to increase renewable energy sources. Ashalim thermo- solar policy is aiming to provide 300 megawatts electricity for daily consumption requirement. This is a huge initiative.  2018 is expected to witness Israel to use solar energy totally for the consumption purpose.

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