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Nepal gets Chinese solar illumination


In a revolutionary step, China has been successful in making further inroads into the heart of the country of Nepal as the Chinese made solar panels have been set up on the roofs of the buildings in the diplomatic area of Singha Durbar. It is to be noted that Singha Durbar is well- known as the administrative heart of Nepal that even houses the Prime Minister. This solar panel installation is a part of the China- aided photovoltaic project and the panels have been installed on the roofs of the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister’s office among the other buildings that also received the installation. The project estimated to be a Rs 600 crore value, was completed within a span of 14 months after its commencement in November 2016.

China had been generous enough to donate the 32,000 solar panels to Nepal so that the country may be capable of providing energy solutions to the families post the 2015 earthquake damage. The project was inaugurated by Nepal's Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli and Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Yu Hong along with the solar power generating system installed at the central secretariat of the Nepali government.

Emphasizing on the importance of solar energy and Nepal’s gradual progress towards modernization, Oli said, "It is necessary for Nepal to end dependence on traditional electricity sources for energy needs. Though we are rich in water resources, sole dependence on hydropower is costly. Thus, we are focusing on renewable energy.” He has also been quoted to say that "Solar energy is important for the mountainous country like Nepal in terms of efficiency and cost. I am thankful to China for the construction of this solar photovoltaic project in a short period of time and hopeful that this project can work as a model project for other areas.”

China and Nepal are also looking forward to collaborate on the Border railways in order to boost communication among the Tibetan communities. To quote the Chinese ambassador, Yu, "I hope that this project will become a model project for Nepal to expand energy supply channels, strengthen electricity supply security and realize green development.”

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