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New Blockchain facility plans to power using wind energy


Soluna, a sister concern owned by Brookstone Partners, an American equity firm, is all set to develop a 900 MW wind energy generation site near Dakhla. The site is located in a disputed zone in the southern part of Morocco. The green power generation site will provide energy to the computing centers developed by Soluna for mining crypto-currencies and other blockchain implementations.

After Brookstone bought AM Wind earlier in 2018, the equity firm owned the rights for the development of a wind energy generation center in this part of the country. Dakhla experiences a wind of average speed of 10m/s, enough to generate 900 MW of power. The humongous project will cost a whopping sum of $ 3 Billion. The brand is all set to create a new trend. The old trend of mini crypto-currencies using fossil fuel generated electricity is quite overwhelming. The mining alone consumes 70 MWh annually in order to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels. The venture from the big brand is party economical and partly environmental. As per the expectations of the project, almost 40% of the entire cost of data mining will represent the cost of electricity.

John Belizaire, CEO, Soluna, said "Our vision is to power the blockchain with clean, renewable energy that we own and control." The brand has decided to come up with the facility with a primary start of 36 MW and a storage capacity of 18 MWh for the computing centers. The construction will be initiated in 2019. The first phase will start working by 2020.

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