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New Plan for 950MW Solar Energy plus Storage for Arizona by 2025


Arizona Public Service, planning for greener energy, announced a new venture to harness and store solar energy that can be dispatched in the evening. All these processes will be done using excellent batteries. Power capacity of 850MW is expected from this plan by the end of 2025.

This new plan will be executed by AES, system integrator and technology provider, as per the contract. A 100MW system will be installed to provide four hours of solar energy after sunset.

In the same note, the utility has also planned to add more exceptional storage batteries to the existing energy harnessing units to increase their capacities even more.

Don Brandt, Chairman and CEO, APS, said, “As storage technology improves and declines in cost, we will increasingly be able to store the power of the sun cost-effectively to deliver when our customers need it.”

The solar farms located in Maricopa and Yuma County will also get upgrades and better batteries from Invenergy by the end of 2019. The other solar firms included in this plan will get the batteries by 2021.

Furthermore, a 500MW project of solar harnessing units will be proposed and the authority is looking for proposals. The requests for the proposals are expected to flow in this summer.

APS said, “Peak demand energy, typically provided by natural gas power plants in their most polluting forms, will be contributed to with 150MW of “solar-fuelled battery storage.”

Pat Graham, Director, Nature Conservancy, Arizona, said, “Large-scale battery storage is a critical step on the path to reliable and affordable clean-energy solutions. Clean energy and clean air are important to the health of our communities and the lands and water upon which all life depends.”

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