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New Rotor Blade Access System from Käufer set to launch next year


Käufer Befahrtechnik, the leading rotor blade access system supplier in the global market is all set to launch its new entry. The newest versions of the system named K-BP-4 BAS will be more efficient. The commercial release is set to be in the spring season next year. It is believed that the new launch of the product will revolutionize the rotor blade maintenance.

Before the new BAS is released, it will be showcased in the Wind Energy Hamburg Trade Fair that is scheduled to be held in the month of September this year in Germany. The newest version has been developed by the company to meet the specific need of maintaining larger and more powerful turbines that can generate almost 12 MW power.

The new version, K-BP-4 BAS is equipped with the latest TÜV approved system that will aid the specialists during performing scheduled checks and maintenance. In fact, the new system will also allow the specialists to perform advanced repairs. Dirk Käufer, Tecnhnical Director, Käufer Befahrtechnik , said “With our new BAS we adapt to the continuous improving safety and technical requirements for working in the harsh environmental conditions surrounding wind turbine towers and rotor blades.”

A new development in the design of BAS will allow the specialists to open and perform repair 360 degree longitudinal areas surrounding the blades. The performance of the new BAS will outsmart the predecessors. The company has gone a long way with an experience of over three decades to supply rotor blades and wind turbines to many countries. 

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