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One more deal in renewable energy signed by Microsoft in Asia


Microsoft signed two deals till now to use renewable energy for generating electricity; one in Singapore and the other one in India. The renewable electricity generated from the solar power plants in Singapore will be used up to provide electricity to a new Microsoft office in Bangalore.

India takes a step closer to fulfill its dream set in the Paris Agreement

Whereas Microsoft has agreed to buy all the energy produced from the 60 MW solar project in Singapore, it has agreed to buy only three megawatts of renewable solar energy generated in India. The new office of Microsoft opening in Bangalore will be entirely run by the renewable energy. While India will account for 80 percent of the electricity required in the office, Singapore will provide the rest 20 percent. Atria power will supply the electricity to Microsoft. The deal, being India’s first agreement in solar power, will help India in taking a step forward to meet its goal set in the Paris Agreement.  The chief environmental strategist of Microsoft, Rob Bernard stated that this agreement will be a step closer to fulfilling both India and Microsoft’s pledge for using renewable energy.

Other benefits from using renewable energy:

By using the renewable resources to obtain energy, the carbon emission into the atmosphere decreases and thus it helps in protecting the environment. Using the renewable energy also helps in the growth of many industries.

Other companies:

A lot of other big companies are committing to use the renewable. Visa and T-Mobile being such companies, interested in using the renewable sources for generating clean electricity.

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