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One of the World’s Biggest Corporate Renewable Energy Deals Has Been Signed By AT&T


AT&T has announced its next move to purchase about 520Megawatts of wind power via two agreements with subordinate firms of NextEra Energy Resources, one of the largest renewable energy project operators of the world. These deals together constitute one of the biggest corporate renewable energy deals in the United States. Also it is a major component of the firm’s goal to leverage and develop technology solutions capable of enabling carbon savings up to 10times that of the present rate by the year 2025.

According to reports, while about 220Megawatts of power will generate from the Oklahoma Caddo county based Minco V Wind Farm whereas another 300Megawatts will be coming from Texas’s Webb and Duval counties based wind farm. Both these projects are together expected to incur savings worth taking up to 350,595 vehicles (passenger) off the highway/roads. Together it will also provide electric supply to more than quarter million houses per year.

In the words of the president of AT&T operations, Mr. Scott Mair, “As one of the world’s largest companies, we know how we source our energy is important.  Many companies are focused on their own carbon footprint but we believe our industry can do more. We’ve been working for a long time to ensure our wind projects deliver for both our business and the environment. We will continue to explore renewable energy solutions to help create a better, more sustainable world.”

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