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Scotland has found the cheapest energy solutions


The trade body titled Scottish Renewables has commissioned a project to promote and enhance the onshore wind sector in Scotland. The move has requested the UK government to revoke the ban on turbine capacity. There has been commendable progress on the deployment of onshore wind turbines. UK is only expected to add another 2,000 megawatts of onshore wind capacity. These statistics are enough to compete to the forecast of 30,000 MW by Germany and 20,000 MW by France.

In Scotland, the renewable energy industry employs over 8,000 people and presently generates a quarter of the country’s total electricity. However, further future investment is required from UK in order to make the energy thus produced available to the people at a cheaper rate.

Scottish Renewables highlighted the Hagshaw Hill wind farm located in South Lanarkshire; Scotland offers “enormous” economic opportunities for investors and community. The turbines which were commissioned in the year 1995 are five times smaller than the machines deployed today. Their life term is supposed to be over in another five years.

“The UK is only expected to build an additional 2GW over the same period (16% of current UK onshore wind capacity), unless the UK government lifts a current ban which prevents most onshore wind projects competing in the energy market, UK businesses need low-cost supplies of electricity to be competitive and have already warned that failing to deploy the cheapest source of generation risks putting them at a disadvantage.” This has been stated by the officials.

 “Generating electricity from 1GW of new onshore wind in Scotland in the early 2020s would be £100 million cheaper per year than generating the same amount of electricity from nuclear or biomass, and £30 million cheaper than offshore wind,” the renewables group  also stated.

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