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South Australia sets the world a new target by achieving milestones in clean energy


We all know the fact that electricity is indispensable in the daily lives of every individual. It forms the basis on which industries thrive. We also know that there are various ways of generating electricity. For instance, electricity can be produced from thermal power or by burning coal. Again, electricity can also be produced from cleaner sources like wind energy, hydro or water power or even from the energy received by the solar rays. Although there are various sources, we must decide the best source from where electricity can be produced.

South Australia has achieved great milestones by building up projects and set up to generate electricity from wind and solar power which are indeed renewable and clean sources of electricity. The only challenge that all countries face while starting electricity generation from renewable sources is that of the initial set up. Once the initial set up is completed, the generation of power becomes much easier and cheaper too.

The state of South Australia has already achieved their targeted amount of electricity production from green sources and they have many projects lined up which would help them accelerate their electricity generation by the year 2020. This has proved that when they are given a goal or a target, they are sure to achieve it. This point has been reiterated time and again in the words of Kane Thornton who is the present secretary of the Clean Energy Council.

Indeed the state of South Australia has set up goals and paved the path for the others to follow.

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