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Surat becomes first district with health centres that are 100% solar powered


Surat (Gujarat): Surat from Gujarat becomes the first district to use solar power for 100% electricity need fulfillment by the Primary Health Centers (PHC). It was a great move towards combating the issue of global warming.

In total there are 52 PHCs in Surat district and all of them now receive power by the solar system. This initiative would help in cutting electricity bill costs by 40 per cent and also it is a step towards environment sustainability.

"Other than PHCs, there are 572 gram panchayats in the Surat District, out of which 150 are solar powered gram panchayats and soon the other 422 panchayats will too be solar powered. 25 percent of the total expense of making the gram panchayat solar powered has been borne by the district panchayat," said K. Rajesh, District Development Officer.

He is confident that this initiative of Surat would set an example for India to develop villages through this sustainable form of energy.

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