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Tap solar power by planting this tree


Vishakhapatnam:  A new innovation is solar power industry is the ‘The Solar Power Tree’ that offers chance to generate clean and alternate energy without any constraint of space or land for setting up the panels.

This tree has been manufactured by a city based start-up company. They used the patented technology of CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute.

The Solar Tree has been put on display at AU’s Dr. Y.V.S. Murthy Auditorium, where other technologies from various CSIR laboratories are also being exhibited. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Be an Entrepreneur of Science and Technology’ programme.’ The product was launched by Union Minister Y. Sujana Chowdary.

National Research Development Corporation CMD H. Purushottam said- “The 3 kWh Solar Power Tree is sufficient to meet the needs of a middle class family, without depending on grid power.”

M. Chandrabose, proprietor of the start-up, Surya Power Tree said- “It can be set up in a very small space of 4 ft and can withstand winds of up to 200 kmph.” The space under the tree can be used for greenery.

Mr. Bose informed that before few months back only they had received the patent and then came with the invention of the solar tree. They possess the license to manufacture and market it. He also informed that the 3kWh tree can be scaled up to 12 kWh capable to meet the power requirements of any agriculture or commercial organization. 

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