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The Biggest And First Biogas Plant In Nepal Starts Production Of CNG


The first and the largest biogas plant in Nepal- Envipower Energy and Fertilizers Pvt.Ltd has started production of bottled CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) commercially. CNG can be put to use as an alternative to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) which is also known as cooking gas. Biogas will be converted and purified into CNG prior to bottling. As of biogas, this is formed with the decaying of organic materials over time.

The biogas plant situated in Nawalparasi at Sukrauli will be making use of pressmud, biomass, poultry litter, and cow dung for accomplishing its purpose. According to reports, the comoany has already made an investment worth Rs 220 million for setting up the plant. And since its inception, this plant has been adhering to the use of the German technology for production of cooking gas up to 2 tonnes for daily use.

In a press meet held recently, the Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Sandeep Kumar Agarwal was quoted saying “Due to the lack of domestic cooking gas plant, people had to suffer for five months during the trade embargo imposed by India in September 2015. It is the first biogas plant in Nepal that will produce cooking gas in a commercial way.”

Also the firm has leased about fifteen biogas land in and around the plant. It has carried out plantation of maize as this can be put to use as a supplement for production of biogas. According to its representatives, maize grains are one of the most reliable materials for the production of biogas. Besides this, this company is also engaged with the production of organic fertilizers up to 25 tonnes on a daily basis.


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