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The biggest renewable energy center in Spain suffers under fund freeze


The renewable energy center in Spain is currently going through an unrealistic situation due to lack of financial support. The Spanish government in 2016 has imposed a ban on spending money, although millions of Euros are there in EU as allowance to spend for the research and development in the center. The Public Research agencies are not to spend more than 50% of the funds allowed till the national budget of 2018 gets approved according to the restrictions imposed in January. The treasury department kept funds worth Euro 6 million on hold. 

Spain has a large solar power plant which corresponding to two nuclear power plants. That alone could generate clean electricity for the whole world if it occupied 1.5 percent of the deserts present in the world, a researcher from PSA (Almeria’s Solar Platform) said. Spain has undertaken a number of effective ways to develop the yield of energy from solar power. And researchers from EU make visit to check the progress and working. Technologies used in the US, North Africa and China power plants have been implemented.

Damage caused due to fund freeze:

The seizure of the funds meant sacrifice in terms of progress of the work as the researchers were interrupted from carrying on their work. Due to the restriction a number of projects are on hold and the progress of work is zero such as Waterspoutt, a project to cleanse water in South Africa, Uganda, Malawi and Ethiopia. The backlogs of these projects are also because many researchers were fired. The researchers have decided to remain anonymous in fear of being retaliated. An investigational mechanism carried out by the PSA has been non-functional due to lack of spare parts which could not be purchased. Half of the annual budget of the PSA comes from the European projects and commissions but if the restriction on funds is not lifted then they will have to give back the money to the European Commission.

Steps taken against the restriction on funds:

The President of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association has asked the economy minister of Spain to see that PSA regains its competence and excellence in project management. The economy ministry has looked into the matter and said that they will try to excuse 15 contracts from the restriction. Malato, the director of PSA also resigned to make the Spanish government lift the ban on fund but did not succeed.


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