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The Ironical Story of Indian Solar Industry - Popular yet Poor in Quality


The solar sector in India is really a combination of growth as well as setbacks.  A lot is happening in this sector in recent years.

Not just India is contributing consistently to the manufacture of large-scale solar power energy but also at extraordinarily low prices.

It is a lucrative industry to invest in and risky as well. This is because it comes with an inherent weakness and that is its poor quality.

PI Berlin, a technological firm located in Germany in its recent study about the Indian solar sector has come up with a list of problems.

To start with, 90% of the solar power in India is currently imported from countries like Malaysia and China and are of extremely low quality. Local manufacturers are making efforts to come up with better quality but the technology they have been using is also obsolete.

The solar modules are not made with strong and durable components and hence they are vulnerable to damages from strong winds.

There has been a pressure from the government which envisions producing a substantial 100,000 megawatts of solar power by the year 2022 which at the moment is stuck at around 22,000 MW.

The government encouraged bidding to investors and manufacturers at lowers possible tariffs which made business organizations plan their solar power generation possible in thin profit margins. The result is in front of all of us.

Quantity has outperformed quality and there can nothing be more ironical.

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