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The Wind Turbine Inspired by NASA Wins the James Dyson Award


The twenty-five cm sphere named as O-Wind Turbine along with the geometric vents can sit on any fixed axis and rotate when hit by the wind. The prestigious James Dyson Award of 2018 has achieved by Yaseen Noorani of Kenya and Nicolas Orellana from Chile. Succeeding the NASA’s Mars Tumbleweed Rover, Nicholas along with his student Yaseen have invented this and showed the city the way to produce the electricity from this harnessed energy.

This Turbine will start rotating after the winds hit this turbine. As soon as the turbine starts rotating, the wind power converts into electricity. It can be used as the direct power source for attaining the demand of the electricity grids. In the recent press conference, James Dyson said that designing something new is the ultimate solution of many serious problems. It encourages the young developers to take up inventive challenges and present something new to the world. O-Wind Turbine is like that!

For a long period of time, people are encountering with the scarcity of the electric supply which ends with this solution. He added that he is hoped that it will improve the electric supply affordability to the remote areas of the earth too. Cities are the most precious places where this turbine can be installed to eliminate the lack of electricity. People are now focused to conserve the greenery of the earth and it can be the most important reason for that. Honouring with this award means everyone validated the concept, revealed by Nicolas Orellana.

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