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Trump Administration’s New Budget Proposal Lives up to the Expectation: Here is how


Living much to the expectations, the new budget placed by Trump’s administration has slashed some of the programs funding the renewable energy researches, thus allocating money more than that needed to the development of clean coal.

The budget proposal recently released by the Trump administration on 12th February, 2018 could come up with major results for renewable energy developments future in the United States If this budget is approved by the Congress, then it will cut down the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s fund amount by almost half the present rate. Also it is expected that the same will eliminate the ARPA-E or Advanced Research projects Agency-Energy completely.

ARPA-E is a leading program issuing funds to the startups in the field of energy generation throughout the country. In the year 2017, this program was almost at the verge of discontinuation but was soon awarded a sum of $15million by the Congress to continue survival.

Since its birth in the year 2009, this agency has offered funds for projects involved with the development of wind turbines, solar cells, biofuels, carbon capture, energy storage and others. What it is most concerned with is taking the world towards the use of more and more renewable sources of energy thus cutting down dependency upon non-renewable sources.

However as per the new budget given by the Trump Administration, more money is likely to be granted to projects dealing with forms of energy supported by this administration which means defunding some researches on renewables.

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