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UK to end subsidies for new houses solar panels by next year


The green groups and renewable industry people of UK are agitated against the ministers for striking a major setback for the household solar power after the government made announcement that the green energy subsidy would come to end by next year without any replacement for the same.

The Feed-in-tariff (FIT) would be closed for the new applicants from April 2019 marking the final chapter of the scheme. This scheme had encouraged 800,000+ households to install solar panels on their houses since it was introduced in 2010.

Numbers of solar installations were already reduced after reduction in incentives in 2016, but the renewable advocates that expected a replacement for it. The Department for Business, energy and industrial strategy said very clearly that no extension or new alternatives would be provided.

The group also blamed the government for indecision stating that they had known from three years that the subsidies were going to end. The government had announced about ‘light out’ for small scale investments for climate change charity 10:10. Max Wakefield, a campaigner at the group, said that this decision does not take into consideration contribution of people and communities want to make for the energy transition.

Sole benefit for people who are installing solar at home is that, if they use the electricity for personal purposes, the overall bill would be lesser. Usually a typical solar installation costs about £6,000, which is less fifty percent of the cost when the FIT started.

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