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United Sun Systems and Savannah River National Laboratory collaborate to present the world’s cheapest battery solutions


The United Sun Systems along with the Savannah River National Laboratory have joined hands to bring forth the world’s cheapest battery solutions. The technology is based on blocks of metal hydrides which efficiently capture the thermal energy generated by the sun and then release the energy when the sun is not there. The energy would be stored in the form of chemical energy. The most interesting feature of these thermal batteries is that they are capable of storing the thermal energy for over 100 years with minimum loss of energy over the period of time.

The researchers promise to develop the battery solutions in such a way that they are capable of producing electricity throughout the year, that is, 24 X 7. They also ensure that the cost would be reduced to a reasonable extent as compared to the Lithium ion counterparts or fossil fuel sources.

This US technology is known as CSP Dish Sterling or Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Dish Sterling. This is actually a dish in the shape of a parabola and which is also covered with glass mirrors. The diameter of the dish is 14 meters. The purpose of these mirrors is to reflect the solar rays and create a temperature of 750 degree Celsius. There is an engine which causes the turbine to move. A gas hybrid is also provided which would enable the generators produce electricity for longer periods of time.

The discovery is indeed a remarkable achievement in the field of electricity generation and the whole world would be benefitted by further research in the field.


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