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Wind energy infrastructure is the most installed in EU last year


In the year 2017, the installation of wind energy harnessing infrastructure is the highest among the other renewable source of energy. The EU introduced over 15 GW wind power generating infrastructure in the last year only. It is a significant 20% increase than the previous figure.

The wind has become the second highest source of energy supplied to the household covering 12% of the demand. The traditional thermal power plants are shutting down. The year 2017 earmarked the installation of wind energy generating infrastructure. The figure just doubled in a single year. Ireland is also enjoying the renewable energy figure and celebrating a double installation previous year. It has increased its capacity by 24%.

The UK also increased its capacity to generate wind energy by 20% in comparison to the capacity of 2016. The largest growth in the installation field is witnessed in the UK and Germany. The offshore installation was maximum in these countries whereas France showed a considerable increase in the onshore installation for four years straight.

Giles Dickson, CEO, Wind Europe, said “Wind is mainstream and delivers bang for your buck. It`s cheap, increasingly stable, and industrial consumers are now turning to it as an energy source of choice. Governments have nothing to fear from being ambitious on wind energy and renewables more broadly.” He predicts that by the end of 2030, the amount of energy supplied by the wind turbines will amount to 35% of the total requirement.

However, the increase in the installation of such infrastructure is resulting in land crisis and threat to the birds of prey.

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