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Amazon is a platform for clothing, but not for prestigious and fashionable clothing


Manny Chirico, CEO of the PVH ciro, parent company of Calvin Klein assessed Amazon’s role in the fashion industry. It is not doing the right thing in the fashion industry. Amazons sales are not meeting expectation on both metric and the presentation currently.

Precisely Chirico does not focus on amazons ability of peddling the clothing generally. Amazon can sell tons of different items of clothing like t-shirts, under wear and sportswear. But, this range of clothing is not trend driver or fashion successor. Fashion by Amazon has remained totally elusive.

PVS`s business is involved in everything like upper echelons of opulence to mid-priced plastic-wrapped underwear, it certainly has a close connection with Amazon. Yet, Chirico exclaims about 70% to 80% of PVH goods on Amazon is totally replenished goods and items. Items like plastic-wrapped underwear, t-shirts and sportswear are all replenished items. Analysts from all around have found out similar trend about the clothing sold on Amazon.

Amazon is working on it to produce proper fashion. Amazon introduced its own women wear range trying to sponsor the shows for men at the New York fashion week, and experimented clearly with effort like developing live fashion shows. Attempts are continuously conducted. Amazon inaugurated a fashion photo studio of 80,700sqft in Tokyo.

High designer brands feel shy to sell their products on such a ubiquitous site like Amazon. Amazon’s presentation does not attract and cast fashion for prestigious customers. As power increases for Amazon, the question for the fashions brands stays no longer if, but how to compete with the online platforms. 

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