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American Companies strike success in the woollen textile industry


With out of proportions profit to cost ratio, the American textile industry has seen a downfall in the recent years. High labour cost with low profit margins is instrumental in the annihilation. Barring the general trend, the woollen textile industry in America is the only survivor, which has managed to outlive the crash with companies like Kentwool Inc. and American Woolen Company coming into the picture.

By controlling different strata in the same business, that is, by opting for a vertically integrated business model, producing both the raw materials and the end products, these American companies are able to sustain in the failing economy with lower overall expense as opposed to higher profit margins.

Wool, being a natural fibre is light, warm and very comfortable catering to vast end users throughout the year. Kentwool and American Woolen Company are in operation for over a century now and has been providing its consumers with quality products. Even with the change in the market over the century with ups and downs, these companies have stood the test of time.

Kentwool, established in 1843 with its headquarters in Greenville, specializes in wool yarn spinning. Paving its way into the apparel business, Kentwool has opened Kentwool Performance Apparel. Also, they have a premium line of socks.

American Woolen Company, established in 1899, had been once the largest producer of wool in the 20th century. Coming back from its downfall in the recent years, the company is looking set to conquer the market again.

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