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An Investment Of Rs 800crore Is Expected From Garment Makers In Sholapur


Renowned garment manufacturers have shown keen interest to investment between Rs 700 to 800 crore to set up units in the Sholapur District of Maharashtra, as said by a top official.

Joint Secretary of Sholapur Garment Manufacturers Association; Amit Kumar Jain said “Of late, Sholapur has been gaining prominence as a sourcing hub for ready-made school and corporate uniforms. We expect Sholapur to attract investments of Rs 700 crore to 800 crore by 2022.” In his words, already Mafatlal Industries started a factory with two hundred machines for manufacturing readymade uniforms. Next in this range are Raymond, Reliance Group as well as Mumbai based Amber Home and Rupam Exports. All these companies are involved with manufacturing shirts completely for the European market.

On 8th February, some officials from the leading brand Raymond will be coming to Sholapur to have a discussion with around forty to fifty manufacturers to source uniforms. Mr. Jain also added that presently there are three hundred members enrolled with Sholapur making school and corporate uniforms. The sole target is to enhance the number of members up to two thousand by the year 2022 and get a turnover of Rs 25,000 crore.

These firms will be making an average investment of Rs 2crore but big firms will be investing much more. At present the market size in India for readymade uniforms is Rs 18000crore along with Rs 8000crore accounting from the unorganized sector as said by the Vice president of Sholapur Garment Manufacturers Association Nilesh Shah.

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